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EHCON was founded in June 2019 by Dr Abiola Fasina.

She identified a dearth of training opportunities in emergency and critical care medicine as a key impediment to developing a robust healthcare system that addresses the full spectrum of patient’s needs.

There is a critical shortage of trained emergency and critical care physicians in Nigeria.

EHCON is currently the only organization in Nigeria comprised of residency and fellowship trained emergency care specialists from some of the best medical institutions in the world.

We proudly represent our specialty and seek to advance its practice in Nigeria and grow the pool of trained specialists in emergency care.

EHCON's emergency physicians have expertise in prehospital care, medical education and training, programme development, evaluation and capacity building, health policy and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).

Our Mission

To be a leader and resource in emergency medicine and hospital clinical service optimization.

To train cohorts of skilled emergency practitioners providing relevant care.

To become the premier trainer in emergency care and to use our expertise to develop emergency medicine as a specialty.

Our Goal

“To pool the collective expertise of emergency care specialists to build emergency care systems from the prehospital setting to intensive care.

To be at the forefront of advanced emergency care education and training.”